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An equation that states that two ratios are equal.
independent variable
the tested varaible
dependent variable
the measure of change in the independent variable
double number line diagram
A graphic diagram that shows a proportional relationship between two quantities.
the decimal part
an alphabetic character representing a number, called the value, which is either arbitrary or not fully specified or unknown. It is usually a letter like x or y.
numerical expression
A mathematical phrase that has a combination of numbers and at least one operation
A mathematical sentence that shows the relationship between quantities that are not equivalent
A mathematical phrase without an equal sign.
To find the value of a mathematical expression.
A mathematical sentence that contains an equals sign
A value that does not change
algebraic expression
An expression consisting of one or more numbers and variables along with one or more arithmetic operations
The vertical measure, which is the second number in an ordered pair.
The vertical axis on a coordinate plane.
is the first number in an ordered pair and it represents the location relative to the x-axis.
The horizontal axis on a coordinate plane.
Four regions into which a coordinate plane is divided by the x-axis and the y-axis
to place points on a graph or coordinate plane
The centre point of a number line (ground floor of a hotel, freezing point on a thermometer)
ordered pair
A pair of numbers that can be used to locate a point on a coordinate plane.
coordinate system
the grid formed by the intersection of two number lines, the horizontal axis and the vertical axis
coordinate plane
A plan formed by the intersection of a horizontal number line called the x-axis and a vertical number line called the y-axis.
coordinate pair
A pair of numbers telling where a point lies on a graph it is always (x,y)
Set of boundaries on a graph. x-axis and y-axis.
upper extreme
the largest number of a set of data
tape diagram
a drawing that looks like a segment of tape, used to illustrate number relationships
Shows a relationship by listing the data for the two variables in pairs.
The science of collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data in order to make decisions
statistical variability
a variability or spread in a variable or a probability distribution; examples: variance, standard deviation, and interquartile range
A numerical summary of how tightly the values are clustered around the center. Measures: IQR, Standard Dev.
The difference between the greatest number and the least number in a set of data.
a data value that is either much greater or much less than the median
measure of variation
A number that indicates how dispersed scores are around the mean of the distribution.
measure of center
A value at the center or middle of a data set.
the sum of all the values divided by the number of values
line plot
A diagram showing frequency of data on a number line.
lower extreme
The smallest number in a data set (box & whisker).
interquartile range
the difference between the first and third quartiles
A bar graph depicting a frequency distribution. The height of the bars indicates the frequency of a group of scores.
The _____________________________ of a var. gives: possible values of the variance; the relative frequency of each value.
dot plot
graph with each individual entry
A number of similar things grouped together
box plot
also called a box and whisker plot
The point where two sides meet. (Shared end points of the line segments of a polygon.)
measures the amount of space taken up by the object.
Scalene Triangle
A triangle with no congruent sides
Right Triangle
A triangle with one right angle.
A flat surface.
two lines that intersect and form a right angle are
obtuse triangle
A triangle with one obtuse angle.
a 2-dimentional pattern that can be folded to make a 3-dimentional solid
isosceles triangle
Triangle with 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles.
to meet or cross
equilateral triangle
Triangle with a 90° angle
a quality or characteristic belonging to or associated with someone or something
acute triangle
A triangle with three acute angles.
the surface; Length x Width
area model
A model for multiplication problems in which the length and width of a rectangle represent the factors and the area of the rectangle represents the product.
What is the apothem called In a triangle?
The number of degrees a regular polygon can be rotated to map onto itself.
absolute value
The distance of a number from zero on a number line; shown by | |
The set of whole numbers and their opposites.