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Calculus AB: Derivatives

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cos x
d/dx sin x
-sin x
d/dx cos x
sec2 x
d/dx tan x
d/dx sec x
sec x tan x
-csc2 x
d/dx cot x
d/dx csc x
-csc x cot x
(a^u)(ln a)(du/dx)
d/dx a^u
d/dx ln u
(1/u ln a)(du/dx)
d/dx log a u
d/dx e^u
d/dx sin^-1 u
(one over the square root of one minus u squared)(du/dx)
d/dx sec^-1 u
(one over the absolute value of u times the square root of u squared minus one)(du/dx)
d/dx tan^-1 u
(one over one plus u squared)(du/dx)