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Introduction to Algebra II

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A symbol used to represent one or more numbers.
Values of the Variable
What the variable means.
variable expression
An expression that contains a variable.
Numerical Expression/Numeral
An expression that names a particular number.
Value of the Expression
The number named by a numerical expression.
Simplifying the Expression
Replacing a numerical expression by the simplest name for its value.
Grouping Symbol
A device, such as parentheses, used to enclose an expression that should be simplified first.
Formed by placing an equals sign between two numerical or variable expressions.
Open Sentences
Sentences containing variables.
The given set of numbers that a variable may represent.
Any value of a variable that turns an open an open sentence into a true statement.
solution set
The set of all solutions of an open sentence.
Increased, sum, more than, plus, and, add to, increase, total, together, more, with.
Less, take away, difference, minus, decrease, less than, subtract from.
By, of, square area, twice, volume, product, cubed, circumference, times, multiply by.
Numerator, divided by, quotient, square root, by, goes into, ratio, fraction, over, denominator.
Parentheses, Exponents, Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.
No Solution
{} Null set.
Means you must put {} Braces.
Evaluate or Simplify
No {} Braces.
Point labeled zero.
Whole Numbers
Consists of zero and all positive numbers.
Tick marks on a number line.
real numbers
Consists of any number that is positive, zero, and negative.
Inequality Symbols
They are used to show the order of two real numbers.
Each number has a pair such as 4 and -4.
absolute value
The positive number of any pair of opposite non-zero real numbers.
real numbers
Include all positive and negative numbers and zero such as positive and negative fractions, decimals, and rational and irrational numbers.
Rational numbers
Any number that can be written as a fraction.
Irrational Numbers
Any positive or negative non-repeating or non-terminating decimal, such as pie or the square root of 2 which cannot be written as a fraction.
Positive and negative whole numbers and zero.
A letter that can be replaced by a number.
a number multiplied by a variable or variables.
numbers or variables separated by + or -- signs.
A term that does not have a variable.
numerical expression
Two or more terms using only constants (numbers).
algebraic expression
Two or more terms that include one or more variables.
Two algebraic expressions connected by =, not equal to, <, >,
A sentence with an equal sign.
A sentence with one of the following signs: not equal to, <, >,
The number used as a factor.
The number of times the base is multiplied by itself.