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Absolute Value Inequality

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at most
|x| ≤ b
at least
|x| ≥ a
|x - a| ≤ b
|x - a| < c
The difference between the greatest number and the least number in a set of data.
|x| ≥ 0
never true
|x| < 0
|x + a| < b
Less than or equal to
Greater than or equal to
middle of the range
(largest number - smallest)÷2
away from
|x -a| ≤ b
how far from
|x -a| ≤ b
no more than
x ≤ b
no less than
|x| < 0
no solution absolute value inequalities
infinite solution absolute value inequalities
|x -a| > 0 (a is any real number)
and absolute value inequalities
-a < x <b ;
or absolute value inequalities
x < -a or x>a
absolute value
The distance of a number from zero on a number line; shown by | |