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Products with Negative Numbers

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Multiplication Property of -1
For any real number a, a · -1 = -1 · a =-a.
Rules for multiplying 2 signed numbers.
If 2 numbers have the same sign, the product is positive. If 2 numbers have different signs, the product is negative.
Rules for multiplying more than 2 signed numbers.
The product of an odd number of negative numbers is negative. The product of an even number of negative numbers is positive.
Opposites (or Additive Inverses)
To find the opposite of a number, just change the sign. a and -a are opposites. That does not mean that -a is a negative number. Ex. The opposite of 2 is -2. The opposite of -4 is 4.
Additive Identity
The additive identity is 0. a + 0 = 0 + a = a