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Multiplying Rational Expressions

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Method 1
Divide by greatest common factor.
Method 2
Divide by common factors before multiplying
Expr. w/ Poly.
factor da denominator-find gcf-simplify.
Dimensional Analysis
example- 100m/9.85s * k/1000m * 60s/min * 60min/h.
Mechanical Advantage
Le/Lr= e/b-e
excluded values
Values that cannot be in the denominator
Inverse variation
product rule
divide by fractions
5x^2/7 / 10x^3/21= 5x^2/7 * 21/10x^3
d.a. Division
example rt=d
multiplying rational expressions
P/Q x R/S = PR/QS ; 1. factor 2. multiply 3. and simplify
dividing rational expressions
P/Q / R/S = P/Q x S/R = PS/QR ; 1. factor 2. opposite reciprocal 3. multiply 4. and simplify
Ex. finding LCD: 8x and 2x+4
first factor: 8x = 2,2,2,x , 2x+4= 2(x+2) LCD: 2^3, x, (x+2) = the answer is 8x(x+2)
Find LCD of: 4x and 4x+4
Find LCD of: (x-6)^2 and 7x-42
If a tank is filled in 4 hours, what fractional part of the tank is filled in one hour?
What is the reciprocal of q?
1/x +1/6
What is the reciprocal of x added to the reciprocal of 6?
How to solve a work word problem?
Make a chart: an equation made at the end should look similiar to 1/2 + 1/6 = 1/x and solve for x
How to solve a speed word problem?
make a chart and find d, r, t
d = rate x time
What is the formula for distance?