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Square & Cube Roots, Rational Numbers

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Perfect Square
the number that forms when two same numbers are multiplied together
Square Root
when multiplying a number by itself to get a square number
The numbers under the radical sign 7.1
cube root
the number that is multiplied by itself three times
Rational Number
Any number that can be expressed as a ratio of two integers. Example; 6 can be expressed as 6/1, and 0.5 as 1/2.
-Whole numbers -decimals
Examples of Rational Numbers
Irrational Number
A number that cannot be written as a fraction with a numerator and a denominator that are integers. The decimal representation of a rational number either ends or repeats.
-imperfect squares
Examples of Irrational Numbers
multiplicitive inverse
When you multiply a number by its reciprocal and it is equal to 1.
3/5 • 5/3 = ?