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Parts of a Graph & Data Tables

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y axis
has the dependent variable, the vertical line on a graph
Graph Title
tells what graph is about
line graph
shows change over time
Bar graph
Bars do not touch; categorical data is typically on the horizontal axis; to describe: comment on which occurred the most often or least often
circle graph
compares percents, fractions or decimals; another name for pie chart
Quantitative Data
Measurements that are recorded on a naturally occurring numerical scale.
Qualitative Data
Measurements that cannot be measured on a natural numerical scale; they can only be classified into one of a group of categories.
A box that identifies symbols or lines on a graph.
x axis
The horizontal axis on a coordinate graph, for the varaible that controls the other (an axis ia a line on a graph)
manipulated variable
another name for independent variable
responding variable
another name for dependent variable
acronym for Manipulated, Independent, X axis
acronym for Dependent, Responding, Y axis
Evenly spaced units; the axis of a graph must use proper _______________
The conditions that stay the same in the experiment.
Reference Points
Parts of a graph line that are marked A, B, C, D or 1, 2, 3, 4. Do not mistake this for types of data.