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right angle
An angle that is 90 degrees (It makes a square in the corner).
Obtuse Angle
An angle that measures MORE than 90 degrees
straight angle
An angle that measures 180 degrees
Complimentary Angles
Angles whose measure adds up to 90 degrees.
Supplementary Angles
The sum of the measure of two angles is 180 degrees.
Vertical Angles
Angles opposite one another when two lines intersect.
Adjacent Angles
Angles that are next to each other. They share a vertex and a common side.
The point where two sides meet. (Shared end points of the line segments of a polygon.)
Congruent Angles
Angles with equal measures are..
reflex angle
Angles whose measure is >180 degrees and <360 degrees
Acute Angle
An angle that measures LESS than 90 degrees.
Part of a line that has one end point and goes in one direction without end.
A straight path that goes without end in two directions.
line segment
Part of a line with two end points.
Perpendicular lines
lines in a plane that intersect to form 4 right angles
parallel lines
2 lines that never cross/intersect and stay the same distance apart
Intersecting lines
Two or more lines that meet at a common point.