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Locating Numbers on a Number Line

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0.04, 1/10, 0.15, 1/3
Place the following numbers in order from least to greatest: 1/10, 0.04, 1/3, 0.15
What is the fraction form of the number 0.66(6)?
What is the decimal form of 1/8?
Identify the largest number: 0.5, 0.05, 0.15, 0.55
6 and 7
The √41 is between which two whole numbers on the number line?
When graphing an inequality, an open circle means...
The number is NOT included in the solution set.
less than or equal to
< that is underline stands for
greater than or equal to
Identify the meaning of the sign: ≥
Yes, -3≤ -2.55 < -2.5
Is -2.55 in the solution set for the above inequality?