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Solving Equations Algebraically & Graphically

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To solve equations with multiple fractions containing the variable.
Strategy: Group the fractions that contain the variable, then find a common denominator.
Strategy: Cross multiply then solve.
To sovle an equation where one fraction is equal to another.
(a, 0)
The x-intercept of a graph.
(0, b)
The y-intercept of a graph.
To solve a factor-able quadratic equation
Strategy: Factor out any GCFs. Then, factor the quadratic into 2 binomials. Set each factors equal to 0 to solve for the roots.
Strategy: Use a square-root.
To solve a quadratic that has no middle term, "Bx"
Strategy: Complete the square, then use a square root.
To solve a quadratic that cannot be factored and contains a middle term.
Strategy: Quadratic Formula
Works for solving any quadratic, no matter how simple or how difficult.
To solve a quartic equation.
Strategy: Test if: the first term is quartic, the second term is quadratic, and the third term is a constant
Strategy: Factor by grouping, then solve.
To solve a polynomial with 4 terms.
To solve an equation with one radical.
Strategy: Isolate the radical then, square both sides.
To solve an equation with two radicals.
Strategy: Set the radicals equal, then square both sides.
To solve an equation that contains absolute value bars.
Strategy: Isolate the absolute value bars, then write two equations and solve for both possible solutions.
Strategy: Graph both equations. Use "CALC" then "5:intersect"
To solve for points of intersection on a calculator.