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Solving Systems of Equations

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Put equations in "slope-intercept" form
y = mx + b
Solve using the graphing calculator
Put in the calculator under y =
Where the two lines intersect is the solution
Once in y = , hit 2nd trace, #5, enter, enter, enter. It will say intersection. Remember if you don't see the intersection point you may have to zoom out.
Finding the solution given a graph
Look for where the two lines intersect, that point (x, y) is the solution
y = 3/2x - 2
Put in slope-intercept form: 3x - 2y = 4
y = -x + 3
Put in slope-intercept form: x + y = 3
If you have graph paper or a graph
graph them and find the point where they intersect
parallel lines
2 lines that never cross/intersect and stay the same distance apart
Same line
Infinitely many solutions