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Exponents, Square Roots & the Pythagorean Theorem

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Power (8-1)
The product of multiplying any number by itself once or many times.
Exponent (8-1)
Number that tells how many times another number is a factor.
Base (8-1)
The number being multiplied
Multiplying with Exponents Rule (8-2)
To multiply numbers with the SAME BASE, ADD their exponents.
Dividing with Exponents Rule (8-3)
To divide with the SAME BASE, SUBTRACT their exponents.
Squares (8-4)
You can use exponents for the area of the square.
Cubes (8-5)
You can use exponents to describe the VOLUME of a CUBE.
Square Root (8-6)
The opposite of raising a number to a power is called taking the ROOT of the number.