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Classifying Triangles

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all sides have the same length
two sides have the same length
All sides are different lengths.
Acute angled
All angles are acute.
Right angled
One angle is 90 degrees.
Obtuse angled
One angle is over 90 degrees.
acute triangle
A triangle with three acute angles.
3 equal angles
obtuse triangle
A triangle with one obtuse angle.
Right Triangle
A triangle with one right angle.
Scalene Triangle
A triangle with no congruent sides
isosceles triangle
Triangle with 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles.
equilateral triangle
Triangle with a 90° angle
Classifying by ANGLES
One angle is GREATER than 90
a positive exponent means the original decimal needs to move to the _______________________
Properties of Triangle
All triangles add up to 180
The largest side of any triangle...
Is across from the largest angle
The smallest side of any triangle...
Is across from the smallest angle