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Pronouncing the sound TH

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| ðeə |
ˈtuːθ.peist |
There is a bike in front of that store
ðə z ə baik ɪn frʌnt əv ðət stɔː |
Brush your teeth with a toothpaste that has fluoride
brʌʃ jə tiːθ wɪð ə ˈtuːθ.peist ðət həz ˈfluə.raid |
My son played in the mud puddle, so I am going to give him a bath
mai sʌn ˈpleid ɪn ðə mʌd ˈpʌd.l̩ | ˈsou ˈai əm ˈɡouɪŋ tə ɡɪv ɪm ə bɑːθ |