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Irregular Verb List (B)

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drive drove driven
home in my car
drink drank drunk
a glass of water
eat ate eaten
some ice-cream
fall fell fallen
off a bridge
feel felt felt
happy to be alive
fight fought fought
against the bully
find found found
money on the street
fly flew flown
South for the winter
forget forgot forgotten
about Mr. Zebroff’s birthday
forgive forgave forgiven
me for lying to you
freeze froze frozen
on a cold winter day
grow grew grown
bigger and older with years
hang hung hung
a picture on the wall
hear heard heard
a strange rumor
hide hid hidden
behind the bush
hit hit hit
the ball with the bat
hold held held
his girlfriend’s hand
hurt hurt hurt
your leg while skiing
keep kept kept
a secret
know knew known
the capital city of India
lay laid laid
a golden egg
lead led led
the country to war
lend lent lent
my friend a pen
let let let
him use your phone
lie lay lain
on a bed
lose lost lost
my wallet