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Irregular Verb List (A)

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awake awoke awoken
in the morning
was were been
a good girl
beat beat beaten
the other team
become became become
a better student
begin began begun
school at 7:20 am
bend bent bent
your knees to shoot the basketball
bet bet bet
money in a casino
bite bit bitten
your lip to stop laughing
blow blew blown
a bubble
break broke broken
an expensive vase
bring brought brought
some food to class
broadcast broadcast broadcast
the news on TV
build built built
a bridge with toothpicks
burn burned burnt
wood in a fire
buy bought bought
a new dress
catch caught caught
a taxi
choose chose chosen
a school president
cost cost cost
a lot of money
cut cut cut
your hair
dig dug dug
a hole in the ground
do did done
your homework
draw drew drawn
a picture
dream dreamed dreamt
I could fly