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to share
I don't want to share my sweets
no quiero compartir mis golosinas
he doesn't want to share his toys
(él) no quiere compartir sus juguetes (de él)
to take (something) away
quitar (algo)
I'll take your toys away
te quitaré tus juguetes
if you don't share your toys I'll take them away
si no compartes tus juguetes te los quitaré
a jerk
capullo (gilipollas)
what a jerk
qué capullo
I'll take your sweets away
te quitaré tus golosinas
loco (enfadado)
if you don't share your sweets I'll get mad
si no compartes tus golosinas me volveré loco
what a horrible birthday
qué cumpleaños más horrible
to ruin
she always ruins everything
(ella) siempre lo arruina todo
he ruined my birthday
(él) arruinó mi cumpleaños
don't be stupid
no seas estúpido
what an idiot
qué idiota
don't be silly
no seas tonto