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opinion size color design/material item
意見 サイズ 色 デザイン/素材 品名
lovely big blue cotton shirt
正しい順に並べなさい: cotton big blue lovely shirt
interesting short orange wool socks
正しい順に並べなさい: orange wool interesting short socks
large gray cotton sweatshirt
正しい順に並べなさい: cotton gray large sweatshirt
short blue denim jacket
正しい順に並べなさい: denim short blue jacket
fashionable red and white striped T-shirt
正しい順に並べなさい: striped fashionable red and white T-shirt
beautiful long black dress
正しい順に並べなさい: black beautiful long dress
traditional short-sleeved shirt
正しい順に並べなさい: traditional short-sleeved shirt
ugly brown leather shoes
正しい順に並べなさい: leather ugly brown shoes