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Rooms and Furniture

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I live in an apartment.
My house has five bedrooms.
my house/five bedrooms
There are five bedrooms in my house.
five bedrooms/my house
Our apartments have small kitchens.
our apartments/small kitchens
I have two chairs in my treehouse.
I/two chairs/my treehouse
Does John live downtown?
Do your parents live in a house?
your parents/live/house
Linda's house has a master bedroom on the second floor.
Linda's house/master bedroom/second floor
No, he doesn't.
Q: Does Allen live with his parents?
Yes, I do.
Q: Do you have an HD television in your bedroom?
No, there isn't.
Q: Is there a refrigerator in your bathroom?
No, there aren't.
Q: Are there any beds in your kitchen?
There is
__________ an oven in my kitchen.
There isn't
__________ a sink in the chimney.
There are
__________ some plates in the cupboard.
There aren't
__________ any big windows in the bathroom.
There is
__________ no lamp on the bed.
Are there
__________ any books on the table?
Is there
__________ a mirror in the garage?
Are there
__________ some curtains on the windows?