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Habits and Simple Present Tense

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Anne's husband drives to work.
Anne's husband/drive to work
I live with my family.
I/live/my family
John's parents go to sleep early.
John's parents/go to sleep/early
Lynn and I work on weekends.
Lynn and I/work/weekends
Josh and Emma go swimming on Sundays.
Josh and Emma/go swimming/Sundays
I get up late on weekdays.
I/get up late/weekdays
Lawrence watches a movie every month.
Lawrence/watch/a movie/every month
My house has a view.
my house/have a view
Michael studies every day.
Michael/study/every day
We do not have homework.
we/not have/homework
Do you eat lunch at noon?
you/eat lunch/at noon?
Does your mother do laundry on Fridays?
your mother/do laundry/Fridays?
Do your brothers read books in the evening?
your brothers/read books/in the evening?
Do you check your email every day?
you/check your email/every day?
Do you have any money?
you/have/any money?
Does your room have a big window?
your room/have a big window?
When do I take the exam?
when/I/take the exam?
Why does Andy get up early?
why/Andy/get up early?
How do Lee and I get to Orlando?
how/Lee and I/get to Orlando?
What program does Mary's computer need?
what/program/Mary's computer/need