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Company Structure

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Accounts Dept.
department responsible for administering a company’s financial affairs
board of directors
a group of people chosen to establish policy for and direct or control a company
person who heads a Board of Directors; head of a company; chairperson (UK)
a member of the board of directors
chief executive officer
person who manages the affairs of a corporation
a company’s principal or main office or centre of control
person responsible for day-to-day running of a dept.; executive officer (US)
Marketing Department
dept. responsible for putting goods on market, inc. packaging, advertising etc
organisation chart
a table or plan showing a company’s structure graphically
Personnel Department
department responsible for recruitment and welfare of staff or employees
the highest executive officer of a company; head of a company
Production Department
department responsible for physical creation of product
Purchasing Department
department responsible for finding and buying everything needed by a company
R & D Department
department responsible for Research and Development of (new) products
the place where visitors and clients report on arrival at a company
Sales Department
department responsible for finding customers and making sales
person who holds or owns shares in or a part of a company or corporation
vice president
any of several executive officers, each responsible for a separate division