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Peaceful Consequences of Serparatism

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Establishing or maintaining a sperarate cultural identity
The Bretons, France. They have their own culture through traditions, customs, festivals, foods and music
Language Preservation
Welsh in Wales. There is a Welsh TV channel that launched in 1982 and most road signs are in both languages. Public sector literature is published in both languages. 1999- teaching Welsh in schools became compulsory
Greater Political Independance
Devolution of the UK government in 1998. Gave some political power to Scottish Parliament, National Assembly got Wales and Northern Ireland Assembly
Settlements that redistribute land, wealth and resources
The Maori Party protects indigenous people of New Zealand. Lost lots of land inthe 18th Century to European settlers. Since 1990 there has been financial compensation and large areas of forest land
Civil Disobedience
In the 1980s, Lithuanian separatists ignored Soviet Union leaders and help mass meetings and protests before gaining independance in 1990