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Pūriro / Possessives I

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tāna/tōna (sing.), āna/ōna (pl.)
his, her/hers
tāku / tōku (sing.), āku / ōku (pl.)
tāu/tōu (sing.), āu/ōu (pl.)
tā tāua / tō tāua (sing.), ā tāua / ō tāua (pl.)
our/ours (yours and mine)
tā māua/ tō māua (sing.), ā māua/ ō māua (pl.)
our/ours (her/his and mine)
tā kōrua / tō kōrua (sing.), ā kōrua / ō kōrua (pl.)
your / yours (belonging to you two)
tā rāua / tō rāua (sing.), ā rāua / ō rāua (pl.)
their / theirs (belonging to those two)
tā tātou / tō tātou (sing.), ā tātou / ō tātou (pl.)
our/ours (belonging to all of us)
tā mātou / tō mātou (sing.), ā mātou / ō mātou (pl.)
our/ours (belonging to us but not you)
tā koutou / tō koutou (sing.), ā koutou / ō koutou (pl.)
you/yours (three or more)
tā rātou / tō rātou (sing.), ā rātou / ō rātou (pl.)
their/theirs (three or more)