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Te reo tākaro
Language games
Me tākaro tāua!
Let's (you and I) play!
Kei hea tō ihu?
Where is your nose?
Kei hea ō karu?
Where are your eyes?
Kei hea ō taringa?
Where are your ears?
Kei hea ō pāpāringa?
Where are your cheeks?
Kei hea ō makawe?
Where is your hair?
He aha tēnei?
What is this?
He rae tēnai
This is a forehead
He ihu tēnei
This is a nose
He arero tēnei
This is a tongue
He waha tēnei
This is a mouth
E hia ō matimati?
How many fingers do you have?
Tekau ō matimati
You have ten fingers
Me tatau?
Shall we count them?
E hia ō ringaringa?
How many hands do you have?
E rua ō ringaringa
You have two hands
Ko wai tēnei?
Who is this?
Ko wai tō ingoa?
What is your name?
E hia ō tau?
How old are you?
Nō hea koe?
Where are you from?
Ko wai tō pāpā?
Who is your father?
Ko wai tō māmā?
Who is your mother?
He aha kei roto i te pēkē?
What is in the bag?
He aha te tae o tēnei?
What is the colour of this?
He pango
He mā
He kahurangi
He tawa
He kōwhai
He pākākā
He whero
He aha kei roto i te pouaka?
What is in the box?
He taputapu tākaro
A toy
He takawairore
A mechanical toy
He newanewa
A soft toy
Tō ihumanea hoki!
You are so clever!