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Meeting and greeting III

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Kei te tino ora
I am in very good health
Kei te tino pai
I am very well
Kāore i te tino pai
I am not very well
Kei te ngenge
I am tired
Kei te māuiui
I am sick
Kei te riri
I am angry
Kei te hūhē
I am exhausted
Kei te honuhonu
I am nauseous
Kei te hiamoe
I am sleepy
Kei te hiainu
I am thirsty
Kei te hiakai
I am hungry
Kei te kaha tonu
I am still strong
Taua āhua anō
As per usual
Kei raro e putu ana
Not coping, going under
Hēoi anō
Te mutunga kē mai o te pai!
Couldn't be better!
Ka kite anō
See you again
Hei konā
See you later
Haere rā
Farewell, Goodbye (to departing person)
E noho rā
Goodbye (to person staying)