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Mā wai e mahi? / Who will do it?

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I will
you will
he (or she) will
mā tāua
you and I will
mā māua
he (or she) and I will
mā kōrua
you two will
mā rāua
those two will
mā tātou
we all will
mā mātou
they (2+) and I will
mā koutou
you (3+) will
mā rātou
they (3+) will
Mā wai ngā kūtai e huaki?
Who will shell the mussels?
Māku ngā kūtai e huaki
I will shell the mussels
Mā wai ahau e whakahoki ki Rotorua?
Who will take me back to Rotorua?
Mā mātou koe e whakahoki ki Rotorua
We will take you back to Rotorua
Mā wai tēnei mahi e mahi?
Who will do this job?
Mā tātou tēnei mahi e mahi
We all will do this job
Mā wai rāua e tiaki?
Who will look after them (two)?
Māna rāua e tiaki
He (or she) will look after them (two)
Mā wai tāua e hari ki reira?
Who will take us (two) there?
Māu tāua e hari ki reira
You (sing.) will take us (you and I) there
Nā wai ngā kūtai i huaki?
Who shelled the mussels?
Nāku ngā kūtai i huaki
I shelled the mussels
Nā wai ahau i whakahoki ki Rotorua?
Who took me back to Rotorua?
Nā mātou koe i whakahoki ki Rotorua
We (three) took you (sing.) back to Rotorua
Nā wai tēnei mahi i mahi?
Who did this job?
Nā tātou tēnei mahi i mahi
We all did this job
Nā wai rāua i tiaki?
Who looked after them (two)?
Nāna rāua i tiaki
He (or she) looked after them (two)
Nā wai tāua i hari ki reira?
Who took us (two) there?
Nāu tāua i hari ki reira
You (sing.) took us (you and I) there