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x̣est skʷekʷst
Good morning
x̣est sx̣lx̣alt
Good day
x̣est snyaq̓ʷqey
Good afternoon
x̣est sč̓luxʷ
Good evening
x̣est skʷkʷʔec
ʔe / ʔa
nem eł wičtmncn
See you later
kʷ ec̓ščen̓?
How are you?
i čn x̣es
I am good.
čn es ayx̣ʷti
I am tired.
čn es čc̓alelsi
I am sick.
swe łu a skʷest?
What is your name?
Plasi łu i skʷest
Plasi is my name.
čn Plasi u swe łu a skʷest?
I am Plasi, what is your name?