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ec̓ščnasq̓ti y̓etłxʷasq̓t?
How is the weather today?
i ƛ̓aq̓
It is hot.
i qʷqʷec
It is warm.
i x̣áʔ
It is cool.
i kʷkʷl̓iʔl
It is sunny.
i čtokʷsq̓t
It is cloudy.
It is cold.
es néw̓ti
It is windy.
es t̓ipéysi
It is raining.
es mx̣ʷpmi
It is snowing.
es sal̓usi
It is hailing.
ha es t̓ipéysi?
Is it raining?
ha i ƛ̓aq̓?
Is it hot?
ha c̓alt?
Is it cold?