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ukan - to have (plural objects)

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nik dut
I have [single objects]
hik duk
you (informal, singular, male) have [single objects]
hik dun
you (informal, singular, female) have [single objects]
zuk duzu
you (polite, singular) have [single objects]
hark du
he / she / it has [single objects]
guk dugu
we have [single objects]
zuek duzue
you (plural) have [single objects]
haiek dute
they have [single objects]
nik nuen
I had [single objects]
hik huen
you (informal, singular) had [single objects]
zuk zenuen
you (polite, singular) had [single objects]
hark zuen
he / she / it had [single objects]
guk genuen
we had [single objects]
zuek zenuten
you (plural) had [single objects]
haiek zuten
they had [single objects]