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egon - to be

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ni nago
I am [egon]
hi hago
you are (informal, singular) [egon]
zu zaude
you are (polite, singular) [egon]
hura dago
he / she / it is [egon]
gu gaude
we are [egon]
zuek zaudete
you are (polite, plural) [egon]
haiek daude
they are [egon]
ni nengoen
I was [egon]
hi hengoen
you were (informal, singular) [egon]
zu zeunden
you were (polite, singular) [egon]
hura zegoen
he / she / it was [egon]
gu geunden
we were [egon]
zuek zeundeten
you were (polite, plural) [egon]
haiek zeuden
they were [egon]