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Irregular Verbs with Collocations (2)

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grow grew grown
flowers in the garden
hang hung hung
a picture on the wall
hide hid hidden
money under the mattress
lay laid laid
a golden egg
lead led led
the class in Memrise points
lie lay lain
on the bed
light lit lit
the candle
prove proved proven
that the theory is correct
ride rode ridden
a horse
ring rang rung
the bell
seek sought sought
the truth
set set set
the plates on the table
shake shook shaken
hands with the boss
sink sank sunk
to the bottom of the ocean
spring sprang sprung
high into the air
steal stole stolen
a cookie from the cookie jar
sting stung stung
the bear who was stealing honey
strike struck struck
the ball with a bat
swear swore sworn
that he would never lie
swing swung swung
from a branch
tear tore torn
a piece of paper in two
wear wore worn
a tie