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arise arose arisen
in the morning
bear bore borne
a child
begin began begun
(to start) your homework
bite bit bitten
an apple with your teeth
buy bought bought
a shirt at a store
catch caught caught
a ball (before it falls)
choose chose chosen
a good book from the library
come came come
to school late
creep crept crept
silently in the night
dive dove dived
into the water
drag dragged dragged
the heavy bag of rice
draw drew drawn
a nice picture
dream dreamed dreamt
about a beautiful girl/ boy
drive drove driven
a car
drown drowned drowned
because he/she couldn’t swim
fight fought fought
with my English teacher
fly flew flown
in the sky
forget forgot forgotten
her telephone number
forgive forgave forgiven
him for breaking the window
freeze froze frozen
in very cold temperature