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Civil War/NEP

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those who opposed Bolsheviks
Czech legion
40,000 soldiers who took the Trans-Siberian railway
Admiral Alexander Kolchak
attacked Bolsheviks from the North East
General Denikin
attacked from the South with a White Army
General Yudenitch
attacked from Estonia with a White Army
Red Army
Bolsheviks army better organised than Whites
Leon Trotsky
leader of Red Army
Britian USA France
also attacked Bolsheviks at Archangel
used by the Red Army to transport troops
War communism
food taken from peasants to give to Red Army
Kronstadt mutiny
Sailors rebelled against Lenin due to War Communism
Some capitalism is allowed.
Peasants could sell food for money
People who made profit out of the NEP without working themselves
Lenin dies