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1917 Revolution

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19th February
Strikes in Putilov Steelworks in Petrograd
21st February
20,000 on strike
22nd February
30,000 on strike
25th February
The number of strikers had risen to 250K
23rd February
International Women’s Day and strikes
2nd March
Tsar abdicates
Provisional government
Ruled between Feb-Oct
Prince Lvov and Kerensky
Leader of Provisional government
Petrograd Soviet
governs Petrograd led by soldiers and workers
March 1917
Lenin is set back to Petrograd by Germans
April Thesis
Lenin's ideas of Peace, Land, Bread and All Power to the Soviets
July Days
Strikes and thousands of peasant uprisings across Russia
General Kornilov
Tries to defeat PG but defeated by Bolsheviks
Gives the Red Army guns and ammunition to fight Kornilov
Leads Red Guard in October Revolution
24th October
Bolsheviks attack Winter Palace and take over
is given to the peasants
Lenin stops the war
Lenin promises people food
Treaty of Brest Litovsk
peace treaty with Germany 1917
62 million
people lost under Treaty of Brest Litovsk
of the farmland lost under Treaty of Brest Litovsk
of railways lost under Treaty
of iron ore lost under Treaty
Constituent assembly
Bolsheviks take over in 1917
8th November
Land decree
12 November
Working hours decree
1 December
Non-Bolshevik newspapers banned
11 December
Kadets banned
20 December
Chekha set up
27 December
Banks and factories under Bolshevik control
31 December
Marriages don't need priests and divorce made easier