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Module 4 - Education - Definitions

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the number of people who are present at school
bachelor's degree
a first university degree
master's degree
a university degree that students get if they study for one or two years after their first degree
a series of lessons or lectures in an academic subject or a practical skill
a long piece of writing on a particular subject that you do as part of a university degree
essay paper
a short piece of writing by a student on a particular subject
non-formal education
alternative education system like MOOCs, does not require students attendance
formal education
education typically provided by an education or training institution
higher education
education at a university
informal education
education resulting from daily life activities related to work, family or leisure
someone who is learning something
The acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience study or by being taught
learning goals
specific objectives that a student would like to reach
learning needs
gap between one's skills or knowledge and those one wished to reach.
learning strategies
student's attitudes and behavior that are systematically oriented toward attainment of their goals
right according to the facts; with no mistakes
a mistake in a calculation or a decision
an error in action or judgment caused by carelessness
a student who is studying for a first degree at a college or university
relating to study done after receiving your first university degree (Bristish).
someone who has finished their studies at a high school
one of the two periods of about 18 weeks that the school year is divided into in some countries
student loan
money that a bank or an institution lends to a student so that they can pay to do their course.
student union
an organization at a university or college that helps its students by providing services and places to meet and play sport
the work that you do while you are at a college or university
something you talk/write about
a long piece of writing that is the final part of an advanced university degree
to attend
assister à, être présent
to do research
Discover facts by investigation
to learn
to gain knowledge or experience of something
to listen
to pay attention to a sound
to read
to look at and understand words in a letter book newspaper
to register
to put your name and other information on an official list
to revise
to read and learn information that you have studied in order to prepare for an examination (British)
to sit an exam
to take an examination (British)
to speak
to talk to someone about something
to spell
to say or write the letters of a word in the correct order
to study
the process of learning about a subject by reading and by going to school or university
to teach
to help students to learn something in a school college or university by giving lessons
to work
to spend time trying to achieve something
to write
to put words on paper or some other surface
tuition fees
money that you pay to take lessons especially at a college university or private school
the activity or skill of marking coherent words on paper and composing text
the correct way of writing a word
the action of conveying information or expressing one’s thoughts and feelings in spoken language.
the process of recognizing written or printed words and understanding their meaning
correctly or accurately
not accurate or correct
the work of studying for an examination