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Doing things alone - part2

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be by oneself
1. with no one else present; alone;2. without the help of anyone else
be on one's own
Responsible for oneself, independent of outside help or control; By one's own efforts or resources;
do one's own thing
to do exactly what you want without following what other people do or worrying about what they think; to follow your interests
do sthg single-handed
without help from others; "a *** accomplishment" adv 1: without assistance; "I built this house single-handedly
fend for oneself
to get along by oneself; to support oneself; shift for oneself
go it alone
to do something by yourself and without help from other people
go solo
by oneself; alone
have a mind of one's own
Fig. to be very independent
have sthg to yourself
you do not have to share it with anyone else
keep oneself to oneself
to remain aloof (not involved with or friendly toward other people)
leave someone to their own devices
to let someone do what they want without helping them or trying to control them (usually passive)
prefer one's own company
like being alone
think for oneself
to do one's own thinking; to think independently; make your own decision/make up your own mind