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Anger: adjectives, nouns and expressions

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become irate
more/most***; lose one's temper; get angry and lose control
be cross with sbdy
be annoyed or angry
be furious with sbdy
more/most ***; to be very angry; with/at sbdy
be seething with indignation
to get mad about something and can't calm down; also ***anger/rage
blow a fuse
informal : to become very angry or upset
blow one's top
or US blow your stack informal : to become very angry
calm down
relax after being angry
fly into a rage
Fig. to become enraged suddenly; fly off the handle; ;lose one's temper
get worked up about sthg
excited and agitated about something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; get oneself ~.)
go berserk
also ***mad; to go crazy
let off steam
informal : to calm down and get rid of energy or anger by doing something active; also blow off (some) steam
lose one's temper
get very angry and fly into a rage
maintain one's composure
to keep cool; to stay calm; to keep one's shirt on
make one's blood boil
Fig. to make someone very angry
scream blue murder
informal, to shout or to complain very loudly;also * bloody *
shake one's fist
gesture angrily with one’s clenched fist:
stamp one's feet
to put your foot down hard and noisily on someone or something
throw a tantrum
to become very angry and unreasonable; also *** temper tantrum; fly into a tantrum; Usage notes: usually the anger is expressed by shouting and crying
heated arguement
Angry; vehement; impassioned; also ***debate, discussion
irate customer
angry; lost one's temper also *** letter, parent
sudden outburst of temper
A sudden, violent display, as of activity or emotion
be at wits' end
informal; At the limit of one's mental resources; utterly at a loss.
someone's blood is up
informal; someone's ***, they are very angry or excited about something and may act in a violent way
be after someone's blood
informal; to want to catch someone in order to hurt them or punish them
be out for blood
informal; if you are ***, you are determined to find someone to attack or blame for something
be fed up with smth
[more ***; most ***] informal : very tired of something : angry about something that has continued for a long time (to the back teeth); usually + with; sometimes+ of (of this delays)
have a fit
to be very angry, upset; to show great anger; also throw ***
go of the deep end
informal, to suddenly become very angry or upset and start shouting at someone
go spare
Brit, informal : to become very angry or upset
do his nut
Brit slang to be extremely angry; go into a rage
drive someone up the wall
make someone very angry(or sometimes very bored)
drive someone round the bend
make someone very angry(or sometimes very bored) (***bend/twist)
send someone round the twist
make someone very angry(or sometimes very bored) (send/drive ***)
run someone up the wrong way
make someone annoyed (run ***)
get someone's back up
also put***; make someone annoyed
ruffle someone's feathers
make someone annoyed
put the cat among the pigeons
also send ***; do or say something that makes a lot of people angry or worried
not be on speaking terms
be so angry with each other that they refuse to speak to each other
give someone an earful
tell someone how angry you are with them (informal)
give someone a piece of your mind
tell someone how angry you are with them
blow up
burst with anger; magnify (make sthg greater) importance; inflate (exaggerate)
boil over
make someone mad; become mad
more/most ***; feeling or showing anger because of something that is unfair or wrong : very angry; be/get/ become *** about/over sthg (негодующий, возмущенный)
've had it up to here
(with someone or something); I will not endure any more of someone or something