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Kleeder an adj.

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de Kalzong m
the underwear
d´Kleedchen s
the vest
d´Box w
the trousers
d´Jeans w
the jeans
den T-shirt m
the t-shirt
d´Jupe w
the skirt
d´Hiem s
the shirt
d´Krawatt w
the tie
de Short m
the shorts
de Collant m
the tights
de Rack m
the dress
de Pullover m
the jumper
de Sweatshirt m
the sweat shirt
d´Jackett w
the jacket
de Schal m
the scarf
d´Nueschappech s
the handkerchief
the trainers
the shoes
the sandals
the boots
the gloves
the pockets
de Rimm m
the belt
d´Block s
the buckle
the buttons
de Mantel m
the coat
d´Kap w
the cap
den Hutt m
the hat
d´Mutz w
the winter hat
d´Appartement s
the appartment
de Cours m
the course
den Exercise m
the exercise
den alen Affekot
the old lawyer m
mat engem alen Affekot
with an old lawyer m
déi al Affekotin
the old lawyer w
mat enger aler Affekotin
with an old layer w
en aalt Appartement
an old apartment
mat engem alen Appartement
with an old apartment
déi al Äppel
the old apples
mat den alen Äppel
with the old apples