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d´Besteck s
the cutlery
d´Forschett w
the fork
de Läffel m
the spoon
d´Messer s
the Knife
den Téiläffel m
the teaspoon
de Becher m
the beaker
d´Glas s
the glass
d´Taass w
the teacup
de Boll m
the bowl
d´Dëppen s
the saucepan
d´Pan w
the frying pan
d´Schossel w
the serving bowl
den Teller m
the plate
de Frigo m
d´Kachplack w
the hob
d´Kaffismaschinn w
the coffee machine
de Krunn m
the tap
d´Mikrowell w
the microwave
d´Poubelle w
the bin
de Schäfchen m
the Oven
d´Spullmaschinn w
the Dishwasher
d´Biischt w
the broom
de Staubsauger m
the hoover
d´Steckdous w
the plug socket
de Stecker m
the plug
d´Streckeisen s
the Iron
d´Wäschmaschinn w
the washingmachine