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كيعطيه لحمزاء
He gives it to Hamza
كتعطيه له
She gives it to him
هيا ماشي القهوة ديال حمزاء
It is not Hamza's coffee
ماعطيش القهوة لحمزاء
I don't give the coffee to Hamza
هو ماشي الأتاي ديال فاطمة
It is not Fatima's tea
هو ماشي طاجيني
It is not my tajine
ماعطيش الأتاي لفاطمة
I don't give the tea to Fatima
بغيت نعطيه له
I want to give it to him
لازم نعطيه لها
I should give it to her
لازم تعطيني الطاجين
She must give the tajine to me
لشكون كنعطيه
Who do I give it to?
شكون عطيه ليا؟
Who gave it to me?
لازم يعطي القهوة لها
He must give the tea to her
لازم تعطي القهوة ليا
You must give the coffee to me