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Organisms in the Environment

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A big carbohydrate molecule which makes up plant and algal cell walls.
limiting factors
Factors which limit the rate of reaction. e.g. temperature, pH, light levels (photosynthesis).
Growing plants suspended in water enriched with mineral ions rather than soil.
bacterial colony
A population of billions of bacteria grown in culture.
A simple sugar.
algal cells
The cells of algae, single-celled or simple multicellular organisms, which can photosynthesise but are not plants.
mineral ions
The chemicals needed in small amounts by living organisms.
nitrate ions
Mineral ions which are needed by plants to make proteins.
Large greenhouses made of plastic.
An animal which eats other animals.
A piece of apparatus for sampling organisms in the field.
quantitative sampling
Sampling which records the number of organisms and not just the type.
A measured line or area along which ecological measurements (e.g. quadrats) are made.
Modified parts of a plant which are used to store food in the form of starch.
Having different colours e.g. a green and white leaf.