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mahli yυt υm ofi i̲ chukka okpani tuk
the wind destroyed my dog's house
hiloha tuk
it was thundering
mahli ahoba
it seems windy
pilashash omba tuk o̲?
did it rain yesterday?
υm ofi yυt hiloha haklo micha balili tuk
my dog heard the thunder and ran
mahli chito yυt chi̲ kanchυk okpani tuk
the tornado destroyed your barn
kucha yυt kapυssa
it is cold outside
sυyyi yυt hotupa
my feet hurt
sυshki yυt onnakma tυmaha ia chi̲
my mother will go to town tomorrow
kucha oktusha
it is snowing outside
a̲ chukka omba tuk
it was raining at my house
ipokni yυt abeka ahoba
her grandmother seems to be sick
chi nushkobo yυt hotupa ho̲?
is your head hurting?
υm aboha yυt libesha fehna
my room is very warm
onnakma hushi toma chi̲
tomorrow it will sunshine
sυbbak υt kapυssa
my hand is cold
bok bili̲ka chitolit omba tuk
it rained hard near the river
a̲ tek υt oktusha υpa
my sister is eating snow
malυtha tuk
it was lightning
a̲ki yυt aboha libesha anuka bininli
my father is sitting inside the warm room
mahli chito ish pi̲sa ho̲?
do you see the tornado?
υmafo yυt malυtha pisa tuk
my grandfather saw the lightning
sυshki yυt abeka aiasha ia chi̲
my mother will go to the hospital
alikchi yυt sυpokni im anumpuli
the doctor is talking to my grandmother