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sυbbak υt hotopa
my hands hurt
oktusha micha kaυpssa fehna
it is snowing and it is very cold
hushi tomi yυt lashpa
the sunshine is hot
mahli chito yυt chukka la̲wa okpani tuk
the tornado destroyed many houses
mahli yυt kapυssa
the wind is cold
chim aboha yυt libesha ahoba
your room seems warm
mahli yυt omba isht υla
the wind is bringing rain
a̲ki yυt oka kapυssa bυnna
my father wants cold water
oktusha tuk
it snowed
it is lightning.
mahli chito yυt a̲ kanchυk okpani tuk
the tornado destroyed my barn
oktusha kiyo
it is not snowing
υlla nakni pυt hotupa fehna
this boy is very hurt
ohoyo yυt malυtha pisa
the woman is looking at the lightning
mahli chito yυt i̲ holisso apisa okpani tuk
the tornado destroyed his school
hushi tomi yυt kapυssa tuk kiyo
the sunshine was not cold
a̲ nakfi iyyi yυt hotupa fehna tuk
my brother's feet were very hurt
hoshonti ahoba
it seems cloudy
omba chi̲ ho̲?
will it rain?
onnakma kapυssa chi̲?
it will be cold tomorrow
mahli chito yυt a̲ chukka okpani tuk
the tornado destroyed my house
sυ shakba yυt kapυssa
my arms are cold