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a̲ki yυt chekusikma υla chi̲
my father will arrive soon
Chahta υlla yυt chekusikash υla tuk
the Choctaw child came a while ago
chekusikma okla aiittυnaha anuka ittahoba chi̲
the people will gather soon inside the church
okla yυt taloa tuk
the people sang
chekusikma mi̲ko yυt anumpula chi̲
the chief will speak soon
aiimpa chukka chυffichi yυt hiohli
the restaurant managers are standing
chekusikma okla ittahoba chi̲
the people will gather soon
aiimpa chukka chυffichi yυt ona chi̲
the restaurant manager will arrive there
na hullo alikchi micha abeka apesυchi yυt υla tuk
the Caucasian doctor and nurse arrived here
na kanchi yυt minti
the sales person is coming
aiittυtoba ia sυ bυnna
I want to go to the store
aiittυnaha ish ia chi̲ ho̲?
are you going to the store?
chi̲ki yυt katimma toksυli tuk?
where did your father work?
na kanchi yυt ona tuk o̲?
did the sales person arrive there?
katimikash abeka aiasha okla ia tuk?
when did they (people) go to the hospital?
υlla apesυchi chia
you are a baby sitter
okla yυt aiittυnaha ia bυnna tuk
the people wanted to go to the church
hattak micha ohoyo yυt abeka apesυchi toksυli tuk
the man and woman worked at the hospital
ohoyo himitta yυt na kanchi
the young woman is a sales clerk
υlla apesυchi yυt nusi tuk
the baby sitter was sleeping
nan υlhtuka yυt nukha̲klo tuk
the police officer was sad
alikchi micha abeka apesυchi yυt oka ishko
the doctor and nurse are drinking water
chekusikma okla yυt tυmaha ia chi̲
soon the people will go to town
hattak himitta tuklo yυt aiimpa chukka chυffichi
the two young men are restaurant managers
chi̲ nakfi yυt katimma toksυli?
where does your brother work?
Chahta υlla nakni yυt aiittυtoba ia bυnna
the Choctaw boy wants to go to the store
Chahta υlla tek υt taloa
the Choctaw girl is singing