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Okla yυt ittahoba tuk
The people are gathered
Miko yυt anumpula chi
The chief will speak
Nan υlhtuka yυt hiohli
The police officers are standing
Chekusikash ohoyo yυt taloa tuk
A while ago a lady sang
Chekusikma okla yυt impa chi
Soon the people will eat
Aiimpa chukka chυffichi yυt illimpa isht υla tuk
The restaurant manager brought the food
Alikchi micha abeka apesυchi yυt υla tuk
The doctor and nurse came
Na kanchi, υlla apesυchi, micha ikhυnanchi yυt minti
The clerk, baby sitter and teacher are coming
Aiitυtoba ia bυnna
She wants to go to the store
Aiitυnaha ish ia chi ho?
Will you go to church?
Chiki yυt katimma atoksυli
Where does your dad work?
Sυshki yυt Wal-Mart atoksυli
My mom works at Wal-Mart
υmafo yυt haksobish alikchi
my grandfather is an ear doctor
Chahta Nan υlhtuka yυt aiittυtoba bili̲ka hiohli tuk
the Choctaw police officers were standing near the store
a̲ tek υt abeka apesυchi
my sister is a nurse
chi̲ka yυt holisso apisa atoksυli tuk o̲?
did your father work at the school?
a̲ nakfi yυt aiittυnaha ona tuk
my brother arrived at the church
Chahta yυt ittahoba chi̲
the Choctaw people will gather
υmafo yυt abeka aiasha ona tuk
my grandfather arrived at the hospital
a̲ki yυt atoksυli ia chi̲ chekusikma̲
my father will go to the workplace soon
nan ikhυnanchi yυt hiohli
the teachers are standing
ohoyo mυt chekusikma taloa chi̲
that woman will sing soon
chekusikash okla yυt impa tuk
the people ate a while ago
alikchi, abeka apesυchi, micha υmafo yυt minti
the doctor, nurse, and my grandfather are coming