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υlla nakni tuklo yυt yukpa
the two boys are laughing
ohoyo himitta pυt nukha̲klo
this young woman is sad
ipa̲shi yυt homma micha lusa
it's hair is red and black
i̲ shυpo yυt okchakko micha lakna hυta
his hat is blue and orange
alikchi yυt a̲ nakfi i̲ shakba pisa tuk
the doctor looked at my brother's arm
υmafo ipa̲shi yυt yυshkololi
my grandfather's hair is short
hattak sipokni mυt aboha anuka ittonla
that old man is lying inside the room
ohoyo himitta im abinili yυt aboha anuka hiki̲a
the young woman's chair is standing in the room
a̲ tek υt oka kapυssa bυnna tuk
my sister wanted cold water
a̲ nakfi yυt oka libesha ishko kiyo
my brother is not drinking warm water
ofi mυt a̲ki iba nowa tuk
that dog walked with my father
issuba mυt wak iba balili tuk
that horse ran with the cow
ofi iyyi yυt iskitini
the brown dog's feet are small
sυshki yυt a̲ nakfi iba nowa
my mother is walking with my brother
katos υt achukma̲ka
the cat is healthy
katos υt abeka
the cat is sick
palυska yυt balama
the bread is fragrant
palυska yυt katoma
the bread has a bad odor
a̲ki yυt na yukpa
my father is happy
a̲ki yυt nukha̲klo
my father is sad
takkon mυt kotoma
that apple stinks
takkon mυt balama
that apple is fragrant
katimi ho̲ chi nukha̲klo?
why are you sad?
chi achukma̲ka ho̲?
are you healthy?
chim issuba yυt okcha̲ya ho̲?
is your horse alive?
a̲, a̲ki yυt chaha
yes, my dad is tall
υlla tek himitta ipa̲shi mυt lusa yo̲?
is that young girl's hair black?
keyu, ipa̲shi yυt lusakbi
no, her hair is brown
chi̲, shukha yυt shuwa tuk o̲?
does your hog stink?
a̲, a̲ shukha yυt shuwa
yes, my hog stinks
katimma a̲ wak abeka yυt ittonla
where is my sick cow lying?
chi kanchυk anuka ittonla
it is lying inside your barn