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chi̲ki yυt abeka ho̲?
is your father sick?
keyu, a̲ki yυt achukma̲ka
no, my father is well
palυska yυt balama fehna
the bread is very fragrant
chiyyi yυt kotoma
your feet stink
a̲ki yυt abeka kiyo tuk
my father was not sick
sυpokni yυt achukma̲ka
my grandmother is healthy
takkon okchamali mυt shuwa
that green apple is rotten
a̲ tek υt ipa̲shi yυt balama
my sister's hair is fragrant
ofi mυt kotoma tuk
that dog has a bad odor
kυta im υlla yυt abeka?
who's child is sick?
chiyyi yυt shuwa ho̲?
do your feet stink?
iti chaha mυt illi tuk
that tall tree was dead
sυshki yυt i̲ hoponi yυt balama fehna
my mother's cooking is very fragrant
hattak sipokni yυt okcha̲ya tuk
the old man was still living
a̲ katos υt nia
my cat is fat
i̲ nakfi yυt chunna
her brother is skinny
i̲ shakba yυt chito
his arms are big
chiyyi yυt shuwa
your feet stink
pinti yυt aiimpa nuta impa
the mouse is eating under the table
katos lakna hυta yυt aiimpa pakna bininli
the orange cat is sitting on top of the table
iti lakna iskitini yυt illi ho̲?
is the small yellow tree dead?
keyu, iti lakna iskitini yυt okcha̲ya
no, the small yellow tree is alive
υlla tek iskitini yυt yaya
the little girl was crying
υlla nakni mυt yukpa
that boy is laughing
sυshki yυt chukka ia
my mother is going home
a̲ tek υt holisso apisa ia
my sister is going to the school
υmafo i̲ kanchυk υt chito
my grandfather's barn is big
sυpokni ipa̲shi yυt tohbi fehna
my grandmother's hair is very white