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υlla tek pυt hυshaya ahoba ho̲?
this girl seems sulky?
υlla nakni yυt hohchυffo bilia
the boy is always hungry
sυ nuktυla kiyo
I am not calm
υmafo yυt hofahya fehna
my grandfather is very embarrassed
ofi micha katos iskitini yυt nukshopa tuk
the dog and small cat were afraid
ohoyo sipokni mυt nukwia bilia
that old woman is always timid
sυ hohchυffo kiyo
I am not hungry
ikhυnanchi mυt hofahya ahoba tuk
that teacher seemed embarrassed
a̲ holisso shali li tuk
I carried my books
katimi ho̲ υlla iskitini mυt yaya?
why is that small child crying?
mi̲ko yυt chitolit anumpuli
the chief speaks loudly
holisso pisa yυt iksho
the student is absent
chi nuktυla fehna tuk kiyo
you are not very calm
chi̲ nakfi yυt hυshaya tuk
your brother was sulking
issuba lusa chito pυt nukwia fehna kiyo
this big black horse is not very timid
chi nukha̲klo fehna
you are very sad
nukshopa ahoba tuk
it seemed afraid
holisso shali li tuk
I carried books
chaha ahoba
she seems tall
chitolit yaya tuk
she cried loudly
sυ hohchυffo fehna
I am very hungry
chi nuktυla kiyo
you are not calm
sυ nukshopa bilia tuk
I was always afraid
sυ nuktυla fehna
I am very calm
chi nukha̲klo kiyo
you are not sad
shukha nukoa mυt nukshopa tuk
that angry hog was afraid
shukcha ish shali ho̲?
are you carrying a bag?
hattak himitta mυt na yukpa kiyo tuk
that young man is not happy
υlla tek mυt chitolit yaya
that girl is crying loudly
katimi ho̲ chi nukwia?
why are you timid?
chitolit yaya ahoba tuk
she seemed to cry loudly
chi̲ holisso pisa yυt iksho
your student is absent
ish yaya chi bυnna bilia ho̲?
do you always want to cry?
i̲ holisso ish shala hinla ho̲?
can you carry his books?
a̲ tek υt hofahya fehna tuk
my sister was very embarrassed
nukshopa bilia
he is always afraid
katimi ho̲ nuktυla kiyo?
why is he not calm?
hohchυffo ahoba?
does it seem hungry?
chim ikhυnanchi yυt iksho
your teacher is absent
katimi ho̲ ohoyo mυt nukha̲klo?
why is that woman sad?
mi̲ko yυt chitolit anumpuli tuk o̲?
did the chief speak loudly?
chi hofahya tuk o̲?
were you embarrassed?
nukwia bilia ho̲?
is she always timid?
impa ahoba
it seems to be eating
chi nukwia bilia ho̲?
are you always calm?
chi hofahya tuk
you were embarrassed