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a̲ki yυt nukoa tuk
My father was angry.
hattak sipokni yυt anuktuklo
The old man is confused.
ohoyo mυt nukhlakancha tuk
That woman was surprised.
υlla tek υt na yukpa
The girl is happy.
υlla tek pυt nuktυhla
This girl is jealous.
υlla nakni yυt yukpa
The boy is laughing.
anukfilli! Katomma ia tuk?
Think! Where did (he) go?
ohoyo mυt na yukpa fehna.
That woman is very happy.
υlla tek mυt nuktυhla bilia
That girl is always jealous.
pilashash sυ nukoa fehna tuk.
I was very angry yesterday.
chi nukhlakancha tuk o̲?
Were you surprised?
onnakma sυ na yukpa chi̲
I will be happy tomorrow.
holisso apisa ish anukfilli ho̲?
Are you thinking (about) school?
υlla nakni pυt yukpa bilia
This boy is always laughing.
sυ nuktυhla kiyo
I am not jealous.
keyu, sυ nukhlakancha tuk kiyo
No, I was not surprised.
si anuktuklo
I am confused
sυ na yukpa
I am happy
sυ nuktυhla
I am jealous
sυ nukhlakancha
I am surprised
sυ nukoa
I am angry
chi anuktuklo
you are confused
chi na yukpa
you are happy
chi nuktυhla
you are jealous
chi nukhlakancha
you are surprised
chi nukoa
you are angry
he/she is confused
na yukpa
he/she is happy
he/she is jealous
he/she is surprised
he/she is angry